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Taking care of our health should be a priority during any stage of our lives. This will help us to have an excellent quality of life at all levels and ages. According to the definition elaborated by the World Health Organization (WHO), “health is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not…

Digital transformation does not simply mean digitizing paper, much less buying software or hardware for health institutions. It means positioning health institutions, their workers and the entire ecosystem where it is developed, including patients, in the digital age. In this article we answer 5 questions that we usually receive about what digitization in health means….

Mental disorders represent the loss of mental health, but mental health encompasses a broader concept that is essential to understand if we are to achieve a fuller and more satisfying life. Mental disorders are common and very disabling. In addition to losses to society, they generate significant suffering for patients and those close to them….

/%%category%%/The power of CBD: total calm and relaxation for the summer

The benefits of CBD or cannabidiol, from the cannabis plant, are already known to everyone. In the form of oils, creams and more, many professionals use and recommend them for the number of advantages that this important natural asset represents. If you also want to benefit from the power of CBD, especially this summer where…

/%%category%%/What are the health benefits of sex?

For many years, there are those who have maintained the belief that having sex is only giving and receiving pleasure, but beyond that it offers a variety of benefits for our health. Helps reduce stress, improve insomnia, improve your circulatory system… The psychologist and sexologist, Laura Moran, explains that sex, regardless of whether it is…

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