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Home health: should a wooden house be insulated?

Especially in winter, we must think about the health of our home because it directly affects us and the environment. So, if you think about buying a wooden house, it is logical that you ask yourself if it is convenient or not to isolate it from external factors such as cold and heat. We explain when and how it is convenient to insulate a home with these characteristics.

Wood, due to its particularities, retains heat well and tends to provide a favorable indoor microclimate. However, there are cases in which the insulating properties of the material are not sufficient, so the insulation of the house becomes a necessity.

When deciding whether a wooden house should be insulated or not, these keys will help you make the best decision:

    • If you plan to use it throughout the year, even in the cold months, you should value it, because many wooden houses are designed only for the warm months and do not need to be insulated.

En If you store valuables, avoiding changes in temperature can help you preserve them.

  • If wood is not thick enough, this can be discussed with your supplier who will recommend what you should do, depending on the climate and the quality of the wood.
  • When selling your wooden house, you may prefer that it be properly insulated to increase its value.

If you want to receive visitors, it will be a comfortable space when receiving guests.

  • If you live in a cold area or you are sensitive to cold, then the best option will be to insulate the house.

How to insulate a wooden house?

The walls constitute approximately the % of heat loss in a wooden house, so insulate the walls outside is a great idea to accumulate and retain heat. What we are looking for is to improve the performance of the house and, for this, the use of insulation on a wooden structure will be enough to limit the entry of cold air in winter. Furthermore, doing so will also improve acoustic performance and room temperature in summer.

There are many ways to insulate a wooden house, but the most common and popular is to do it with polyester foam. When insulating a house in this simple way, special polyester panels are attached directly to the wood. Although this method can be very simple and is gaining in popularity, experts indicate that it is not a method that ensures the highest quality of insulation.

The polyurethane, meanwhile, has an exceptional quality and is highly sought after for home insulation. It is known for its high elasticity, which gives it great insulating properties. However, mineral wool might still be a better insulation method. To use it, it will be required to add a polyethylene film to help absorb any water vapor.

No matter which method you choose, you should always pay attention to both heat transfer coefficients and thermal resistance. These will establish a criterion that will allow you to make an assessment of the thermal insulation and the amount of heat that is being lost. Paying attention to these details, you will be able to understand if it is preferable to insulate your wooden house or not.

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