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Passion for cooking: we discover Vadesabores and its healthy recipes

There are many foodies, cooking and recipe accounts on Instagram. But few increase in followers and content like @vadesabores. We tell you who is behind it and some of its fantastic healthy recipes, which we have already signed up to make both on a daily basis and on holidays.

Júlia Rovira is the creator of @vadesabores, a project that was born at the end of March 2021, after Júlia, with 25 years, will leave a stable job in a large consumer multinational. “It all started with the time that the pandemic gave us in 2020 , where I had the opportunity to be able to think and reflect on what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be”.

These days he saw that day to day consumes us and “thanks to the extra time we had I was able to become aware and I realized that the work I was doing was not my passion”. Her passion began in the afternoon when she started cooking , photographing the dishes and enjoying new flavors with her partner.

“At first, quitting was just a fleeting idea, until after a year I was strong enough to make a decision. At the beginning of March of 2020 I left my job because I needed time to think and discover what I really wanted to do, vadesabores was born at the end of March and it wasn’t until the end of June 2021 that I told my partner “I’m going to focus on Instagram, I love making recipes and I want to share them, let’s see what happens” I didn’t know what could happen because there were already many gastronomy accounts, but I began to dedicate many hours to it, to understand the platform and to try until I found what worked for me”.

And he jumped into the pool and it went well. Something that showed great courage that many people do not dare to do. And “I never would have imagined that at the end of August of 2021 I would arrive at attain 100 thousand followers and that a year after creating the account, in May 2022 would be able to create a community of more than 340 thousand followers”. @vadesabores currently has more than 390. followers, creating a community that grows and of which Júlia feels really proud.

In her account she is clear about what she wants to do and professes: “Eat with attitude”, calling the account a healthy lifestyle, easy recipes, a psychologist by training, a creator by profession. There is nothing.

“In my profile I share a healthy lifestyle, mainly easy recipes, but also travel, restaurants and much more. The recipes are simple, healthy and made with few ingredients and that you can have in the fridge or are easy to buy”. Vadesabores also has a channel on YouTube and Tik Tok.

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