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For many years, there are those who have maintained the belief that having sex is only giving and receiving pleasure, but beyond that it offers a variety of benefits for our health. Helps reduce stress, improve insomnia, improve your circulatory system…

The psychologist and sexologist, Laura Moran, explains that sex, regardless of whether it is with your partner or on your own, generates psychological and physical well-being. This has repercussions on the skin, the hair, the immune system, the reproductive organs, etc., so the whole organism benefits.

The ultimate goal is to achieve rapport with your partner. Both of you must reach the much desired orgasm and your bodies release all the hormones that will make the body feel good and relaxed, both physically and mentally.


The list of benefits is long and specialists in the area discover new advantages. However, here we will leave you this list of five benefits that sex offers for health.

Your skin will thank youThe sexologist points out that the sweat that our body releases during the sexual encounter promotes the cleaning of the pores. Having clean pores reduces the appearance of acne, pimples and any skin condition.

The skin looks brighter and the hair softer, thanks also to the estrogens that are produced during sex.

All these benefits can be enhanced by using products to keep the skin hydrated and in optimal condition. Among these we highlight essential oils for massages, bath salts or protectors. We can find these in specialized portals such as Pinkcabaret .

Helps control stress

This is perhaps one of the main benefits of sex for health in general. There are times when the routine of home, work, family overwhelms, for this reason the quickest solution is to have sexual relations.

Being intimate with your partner helps reduce anxiety levels and eliminates the feeling of worry and disturbance caused by stress.

In addition, when orgasm is reached, a substance known as the happiness hormone is released. And it makes you feel more liberated and happier.

And this doesn’t just apply to couples. If you are alone, masturbation can also help you release stress and feel more comfortable. If you are interested in giving your routine a touch of greater pleasure, you can try looking at Erotic Sex Toys Online| Pinkcabaret. You will be able to discover the wide variety of products that can help you manage stress and give you pleasure at the same time.

Keeps you in shape

When having sex, a significant number of muscles throughout the body are activated, so sex can be classified as a physical exercise.

Practicing it accelerates your heart rate, tenses muscles, repeats movements and flexes your knees and arms. Experts assure that, on average, about 5 calories are burned per minute.

And if you add the use of erotic toys to your sexual encounters, physical activity increases considerably. These can even help your body’s ability to withstand long hours of movement.

Prevents vaginal problems

When a woman enters menopause, the normal production of a series of hormones that keep the vagina in optimal condition begins to decrease and natural lubrication is reduced. They even generate pain at the time of sexual encounter.

In these cases, it is even more recommended to have sex to promote the release of estrogen. This substance strengthens and protects the vaginal tissue that is greatly affected when menopause arrives.

To prevent the sexual encounter from being painful, we recommend the use of lubricants that facilitate penetration. To learn more about this product visit the following link:

Alleviate the pain

It’s not a game, reaching an orgasm can make you block out any pain you feel. There are no excuses. Sex helps eliminate headaches or migraines. This is because during intercourse the body generates nitric oxide, a substance that fights migraines.

All the hormones ‒mainly the endorphins‒ that the body secretes during sex are an excellent pain reliever.

Your heart, pelvic floor, vagina, penis, head, lungs, brain, stomach, even liver benefit from this action. Forget about excuses and start enjoying sexual encounters with your partner or with yourself. Do not do it simply for pleasure, do it for your health. Your body will thank you.

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