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Dermopharmacy is a scientific discipline that is dedicated to the study and care of the skin with the purpose of developing the ideal formula for each type, taking into account its particularities (for example, if it is oily or dry).

Despite what many people think, the products of this discipline are not drugs, but rather have certain active ingredients that protect the skin. In addition, they have generally been clinically tested through various tests to ensure their safety.

If you are interested in the pharmaceutical sector, but you still do not know which professional path to follow, the Degree in Pharmacy can open the doors to various sectors, from the health field to public administration. Today we are talking about one of its most popular branches: dermopharmacy.

Do you want to know more about this pharmacological specialty of the future? Keep reading and discover everything about dermopharmacy!

dermopharmacy applications

Dermopharmacy has a series of very clear benefits for maintaining healthy skin that could be summarized as:

  • Condition treatments. One of the main benefits of dermopharmacy is the treatment of non-pathological conditions such as dry skin, eczema or blackheads. In addition, the application of this type of product can become a good complement to treatments against dermatological diseases diagnosed by health professionals.
  • Helps prevent skin problems. Thanks to influencers, every day it is more common to see skin care routines on social networks to keep it healthy and hydrated. Undoubtedly, it is an issue about which society is increasingly aware and that has caused an increase in the use of this type of product.
  • Contribution to aesthetics. Anti-wrinkle and firming creams, illuminators, makeup or colored creams are just some of the dermopharmacy products that aim to improve a person’s aesthetics. However, unlike other types of cosmetics, they do so taking the skin into account, protecting and caring for it with active ingredients derived from studies that reaffirm their quality and safety.

What does the dermopharmacy treat?

We could summarize the functions of the dermopharmacy in three large blocks:

  • Eutrophic or therapeutic function. Some dermopharmacy products simply seek to improve the hydration, appearance or condition of the skin. However, others work on some characteristics, pathologies or specific problems.
  • aesthetic function. There are products that only have a function of aesthetic improvement of the skin, and do not contribute at all to its maintenance from the point of view of health.
  • hygienic function. Other dermopharmacy products are specially designed to treat anything from wrinkles, pimples or open pores, to more general skin care.

All professionals in the world of dermopharmacy agree that the ideal is to combine these three types of products to achieve healthy and aesthetically cared-for skin.

Differences between dermopharmacy and cosmetics

At this point, you are surely wondering what is the difference between dermopharmacy and cosmetics. Although they are closely related subjects, there are important differences.

Mainly, and as we have already commented in this article, the dermopharmacy is a branch of the pharmacy that studies, manufactures and sells cosmetic products for the skin that are not related to pathologies. In other words: dermopharmacy does not try to cure skin diseases, but tries to keep it healthy from a more general and aesthetic point of view.

For its part, there is a branch of aesthetic medicine that deals with the skin: dermocosmetics. This branch is located at an intermediate point between a traditional cosmetic and a medicine. The manufacturers of this type of product tend to have a greater medical base, in such a way that the products that go on the market have the same quality and safety standards as those of any conventional medicine, which is not always the case with dermopharmacy products.

Therefore, we could say that the main difference between dermocosmetic and dermopharmacy products is that the results of the former tend to have a greater scientific basis.

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